Wicomico County to forgo tax sale for 2018

County Executive Bob Culver is continuing his practice in helping the citizens by foregoing a property tax sale this year.

He believes this provides help to the citizens who are struggling to pay their tax bills.

This year will be the second occasion during his term that he has chosen to offer this opportunity.

State law does not require a sale each year. Section 14-808 of the Tax Property Article mandates a tax sale no later than two years from the date taxes are in arrears.   

“Not holding a tax sale this year does not mean the taxes owed are waived,” said Culver.  “Tax sales are more expensive for the property owners with the costs that accrue after the property is purchased.

“By working with the taxpayers, we are hoping more will find a way to pay the taxes by making payments throughout the year,” he said.

Properties not sold at the 2017 tax sale are available to be bought through the Finance Department.   

For more information, contact the county Finance Department at 410-548-4840.

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