Wisk resigns as Parks & Rec director; Morris retires from administration job

County Executive Bob Culver has seen two high-ranking staff members depart in in the past 24 hours.

On Thursday, Culver announced that 30-year employee Sharon Morris, Wicomico’s Assistant Director of Administration, was to retire from county service effective that day.

Said Culver in a curt news release: “I am appreciative of the service rendered by Mrs. Morris to the citizens of Wicomico County and wish her well in retirement.”

In an interview with Salisbury Independent earlier this year, Culver listed Morris among top county officials whose retirement he was anticipating.

Morris could not be reached for comment on Thursday or Friday.

Friday afternoon, the County Executive’s Office announced that Andy Wisk, the Acting Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism had resigned from his position to join a sports marketing firm.

Wisk could not be immediately reached for comment.

Wisk was Culver’s second appointment to that Parks job, one of the biggest in the county’s government. John Terrell, a former Parks and Rec deputy director, was nominated to the post in January, but his appointment was scuttled by the County Council.

Gary Mackes, the 35-year Parks and Rec director, retired shortly after Culver assumed office last year. Both Wisk and Terrell were regarded as Mackes protegees.

“I wish Mr. Wisk the best in his future endeavors,” Culver said in a statement. “His expertise and devotion to Wicomico County will be missed.”

Culver had given Wisk the interim title because, he said at the time, he wanted to see how Wisk performed in the role.

Wisk had been handling some high-profile matters lately, including the new baseball lease for Arthur W. Perdue Stadium and plans to build additional ball fields on city land near the Henry S. Parker Sports Complex.

In an interview this summer with the Independent, Culver said:

“I wasn’t sure where to go with Andy when I first came in, after Gary (Mackes) retired, I wasn’t really sure. I needed to watch and learn from the outside; I find that to be prudent, good management.

“So (Andy’s) the acting director, with the understanding that if he handles it well it will work out. That’s a big business, it really is a big business. … That job directs Tourism, Parks and Rec — it’s a big position. I think Andy will do well, but I’m cautious, that’s my nature. He’ll be acting for four to six months.”


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